DeFi Content Writer (PTE)

About Buttonwood and PRL

Prometheus Research Labs (PRL) is the team building financial products for the Buttonwood Foundation. Our first product is Button Zero, an on-chain market for long-term debt. We’re the first team to build a liquidation-free debt market, unlocking safe DeFi borrowing for the vast majority of users.

  • Money markets have three core components—short-term debt (demand-deposit markets), exchanges, and long-term debt (bonds). DeFi today has exchanges and short-term lending with scale, as evidenced by the size of Uniswap, Compound, and Aave. But long-term lending is still missing.

  • Long-term debt is non-callable debt. This means freedom from margin calls and liquidations. For example, a drop in the value of your home does not trigger the liquidation of your house—rather, only multiple missed payments can bring the house into foreclosure. In contrast, short-term debt can lead to liquidations during times of high volatility.

The Buttonwood Foundation’s mission is to grow both the web3 bond market and a new generation of decentralized finance (DeFi) instruments—including fiat-free stablecoins, yield splitters, and long/short options. Our projects are composed of simple, open contracts—we seek not to build a platform or walled garden, but a set of tools open to all.

The Buttonwood Foundation is backed by True Ventures, Framework Ventures, BlockTower Capital, NfX, Bitfinex/Tether, Mechanism Capital, Bixin, Founders Collective, and numerous DeFi founders (including from Coingecko, Balancer, Cozy, Syndicate, and many more).

About you

Our initial go to market strategy is heavily based around content marketing, with a focus on education. You will report directly to the CEO. You will spend your time researching, analyzing, and writing content that will be hosted on the Buttonwood website.

You writing will cover subjects such as:

  • Telling the Buttonwood story
  • Core financial concepts and their history
  • How our financial instruments work
  • Technical writing including developer documentation and user guides

You are passionate about the potential impact that blockchain technology can have on the financial system of the future. You are a self-starter – you have the ability to see what is going on and synthesize complex information into digestible content.

You are intellectually curious. You have an ownership mentality.

Come build the bond market with us!


  • Produce high quality public-facing written educational content and documentation for our website and social media platforms that help distill complex financial concepts to the world and build our brand identity
  • Brand storytelling: explain our products, relate historical context, and why they should matter; educate and encourage the audience to engage
  • Help to ensure readability, consistency in style, and tone of voice across all of our content channels
  • Conduct deep-dive research on various traditional and decentralized finance products; use this research to identify new product iterations to further build the Buttonwood ecosystem and attract developers
  • Collaborate with engineering team to create and manage backlog of technical documentation needs
  • Keep abreast of the latest crypto and industry trends, consistently contributing fresh and creative ideas for our content creation
  • Publish and maintain templates that will help scale the written documentation
  • Content may vary from technology-driven articles and developer documentation, SDKs, blog posts, whitepapers, site copy, twitter threads, video storyboards, etc.
  • Ad hoc projects: we are a small team and have various upcoming product launches you may be tasked to help with

Job Requirements (in order of importance)

  • Excellent written communication skills, ability to explain complex topics in a clear way to various audiences, along with a strong eye for detail, language, and flow
  • Ability to work through ambiguity and multiple priorities; self-motivated, directed, and independent; self-starter who can set new goals for documentation and texts
  • High quality research and analytical skills, and the ability to source new content
  • Comprehensive knowledge and a deep passion of blockchain technology, DeFi
  • General technical knowledge of Ethereum
  • Previous experience at a high-growth startup (Preferred)
  • Ability to explain how other DeFi teams can building on Buttonwood
  • Handling pressure well and working towards deadlines
  • Ability to understand how financial history can be applied in the DeFi context
  • Ability to understand emerging trends/narratives independently
  • Bachelor's degree (Preferred)
  • Bonus: You are excited by the opportunity to have a major impact on how developers learn about Buttonwood products and financial history
  • Bonus: Solid understanding of software engineering principles
  • Bonus: Understanding of SEO and other marketing, analytics and communication tools and concepts

How to apply

Please send an email to matthew @ with 100% of the following if you wish to be considered for this role:

  1. Resume / CV
  2. LinkedIn or Twitter URL
  3. Examples of recently published content (if possible)
  4. A short response to the following questions:
    • When would you be ready to start? What is your available bandwidth over the next 6-8 weeks?
    • How would you describe your writing style? What do you enjoy writing the most? The least?
    • What is your experience with Web3 and/or DeFi?
    • What is your experience with working with remote development teams?
    • What forms of content do you have experience producing (long and short)?
    • Would you consider yourself deadline oriented?
    • What is your favorite Web3 protocol or Fintech application and why?

We look forward to hearing from you!